Everything around us is shaped by the contents of our plates. If you travel across France on a TGV, you’ll see how our landscapes are literally sculpted by the food industry. Restaurants, grocery shops, butchers’ shops, bakeries and patisseries are part of our everyday lives: everyone big or small, young or old, rich or poor must have their three meals a day.

Our plates are the steering wheels of our lives. And this is how the global food business forces its processes, diets and poisons on us…

This industry controls our plates, creating food intolerance and exclusion. Allergens and preserving agents from the food processing industry are everywhere, from school dinners to restaurants. They have invaded our fridges and are lurking in our bakeries, delis and patisseries. By reclaiming control of our plates, we can change the world.

And this is exactly what we are planning to do with Cuisine Libre.



Cuisine Libre is not an idealist movement or another eco-fad: it is an operational and contemporary take on cooking. It is about active awareness, about using the intelligence of our second brain: the gut. It is a question of health and happiness, but also for some of us a question of survival.

Tolerance is a new step towards excellence.

Cuisine Libre has its roots at Auberge la Fenière.

Starting from the experience of high cuisine it carries in its DNA, Cuisine Libre raises questions on the diffusion of culinary values and their benefits for society. After achieving culinary excellence and success, how can we make an even greater difference?

Cuisine Libre aims to make great food accessible to all by transforming what is in our plates, from gourmet restaurants to industrial foods. We want to create a culinary hub, a training and rehabilitation centre, an allergen free certification and a living place hosting high quality food projects for all.

By opening up the kitchen to people with food intolerance, Cuisine Libre defines food tolerance as a new step towards excellence. 



Unique expertise – Building on four years’ experience in gourmet cuisine and on our knowledge of food intolerance and allergy, we designed a new culinary experience that reconciles flavour and pleasure with tolerance.

Amazing food -  Our innovative philosophy places the priority on excellence: we work with top-quality produce brought to us by committed producers. We value creativity, constantly experimenting with new products and exploring new culinary grounds.

Social inclusion – It is all part of our Mediterranean roots: hospitality is essential. We integrate each individual host’s specificities into our cooking. We believe that everyone should be allowed at the table: we fight for the inclusion of people affected by food exclusions.


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