An invitation to discover the flavors and philosophy of Cuisine Libre: tolerance, pleasure, sharing and passion. A special moment for all – with or without food intolerances – to breathe, find inspiration and taunt your tastebuds with Reine Sammut and the Cuisine Libre collective.

CUISINER COMME UNE REINE OU UN ROI (COOKING LIKE REINE): a cookery class with Michelin-starred chef Reine Sammut, followed by lunch. Product-centered masterclasses including cooking with foie gras, truffles, citrus fruit, squash, olive oil…

PAIN POUR TOUS! (BREAD FOR ALL!): everything you need to know about free breads, from alternative flours to the breadmaking process.

PASTA & PESTO: the taste of summer. Nadia Sammut teaches you how to make your own pasta, with a pesto to complement it.

TRAVAIL DES NOIX, CAJOU, NOISETTES (COOKING WITH NUTS), followed by a tasting and discussion around a cup of tea.

L’ATELIER DES PETITS CHEFS (LITTLE CHEFS): a workshop for children, with or without food intolerance – recipes everyone can make and enjoy! And meanwhile, parents can relax in our pool, library or grocery shop.

And many more classes and workshops depending on the seasons…